Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog? Me?

Hi there.

I'm Lori, also known as BriarRosie in various Disney fan communities. The last thing I ever thought I'd do is start blogging, but here I am. I usually limit my ramblings to the DIS message boards, where I'm usually found talking about food. Complete with "food porn" reviews from Walt Disney World restaurants.

I'll probably share my food porn and other random blatherings about my trips to Disney. And perhaps my birthday trip to Vegas will make it here, too. Although parts of that might fall under "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

But I will also tackle what I call The Disney Podcast Soup.

I often find myself wanting to comment about things I hear on various podcasts. I might comment on someone's interview, opinion, list, or even mini-rants.

If you're actually reading this, I might fall off my chair in a dead faint. ;)


  1. Quid pro quota ... you read me and I read you!

    You could have at least announced something on the friendie thread ... you'd have an instant fan-base! LOL!!!

  2. I was being a little quiet, hoping that people might notice this without some big honkin' announcement. If I announced it, they might actually expect me to update it frequently. ;)

  3. Reading anything from you will be a pleasure. Found this through a link on JGoof's blog. Maybe next year you and Cindy can plan some F&W things together, as she wants to do some and I rather just sit eating by the France booth and watch tourists. Oh and in case you did not know our blog is at http://justoldgamers.blogspot.com